Hero cab driver’s ‘reward from God’

Taxi driver Qais Ahmad
Taxi driver Qais Ahmad
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A devout Muslim who was presented with a bravery award after helping to save the life of a man in a burning car says he has received an even greater, spiritual reward.

Taxi-driver Qais Ahmad and firness instructor John Sheehan pulled a motorist from a car after it had collided with a tree on a lonely country road early one morning in February this year.

The car was alight and the driver unconscoious as the two men pulled him free before alerting the emergency services.

At the Lincolnshire Police Bravery Awards last week, Mr Ahmad, 42, and Mr Sheehan were praised for their courage in getting so close to a burning vehicle and were presented with Citizens of the Year awards.

Mr Ahmad, a taxi-driver said this week he was told he would be nominated for an award a short while after the incident, but he felt he had already received his reward.

The father of three said: “My religion is very important to me. I worship at a Mosque in Peterborough where I live, and I pray five times a day.

“The Quran says that if you save the life of one innocent person - any person, you have saved all of humanity, and equally that if you kill one innocent person you have killed all of huminity.

“So I have been able to do something from the Book I believe in and had my reward from my God. It was my responsibility to go to the driver’s rescue and I did not do it for a reward, but I was happy to attend the presentation.

“My daughter, who is seven, was really proud and encouraged me to go the ceremony.

“She has enjoyed telling her friends at school all about it.”

Mr Ahmad was on his way to a job in Carlby when he came across the accident scene between Carlby and Braceborough.

He said: “We pulled the driver out of the car and tried to get him as far away as possible from the flames which were licking over the bonnet.

“We thought the car might explode .”

Police said the driver suffered many injuries and is still recovering from his ordeal.