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Disgust turns to action after homeless attack Online reaction:

‘Disgusted’ people from Stamford are rallying to the aid of a homeless man after he was attacked while sleeping rough in a doorway in the town on Saturday night.

The incident happened outside All Saint’s Church when a catering tub of cold oil and chilli peppers was thrown over 77-year-old John Stimpson who was sleeping in the building’s doorway.

John has been sleeping rough in the town for four months, and when concerned well-wishers read about the attack on the Mercury’s Facebook page on Tuesday, a few decided to visit him in one of his usual spots to check on his safety and bring food, drinks, blankets, clothes and even a hot water bottle.

James Anderson, 51, from Bourne, was one of those who decided to act.

He said: “When I read about the attack I was disgusted, so I thought I would go down and make sure he was comfortable and had enough to eat and drink.

“What happened is appalling. To have oil thrown on you is disgusting, and nobody, especially someone so old, should be subjected to that.

“I asked him if he was hungry, so I bought him a chicken pie and chips and a hot cup of tea.

“Nobody should be homeless, particularly someone of his age, and it is sad indictment of today’s society that somebody should be sleeping in a church doorway.

“I really hope the police find whoever it is who did this and take strong action.”

James was joined by Sammy Jones, 21, from Stamford. She said: “I have seen John around Stamford and he always says hello.

“It is terrible what happened. if someone threw oil at me, I could go home, get showrred, freshen up and change my clothes. Obviously, John doesn’t have that option and it’s heartbreaking.

“When we went to see him, he said he wanted some food, so I went to Morrisons just as it was closing its doors. Kiki West, the checkout supervisor, was mazing and stayed open to let us get some bits for John. She was brilliant.

“I bought him a rucksack on Wednesday so he has somewhere to keep his stuff, and will be checking on him again.

“The attack was upsetting, and for somebody to do something so spiteful and nasty is shocking, but it’s heartwarming to see the many good people of Stamford join forces to help someone in need. We all take having a home for granted, but he has nowhere.

Harrish Bisnauthsing from Stamford was another compelled to offer support.

He said: “The attack on John was outrageous. Attacking a vulnerable person, who may be homeless through no fault of his own, is cowardly.

“It is simply not acceptable in a modern society. I came down to visit John to ensure he was safe, and he told me he was cold, so I went home and dug him out a couple of woolly hats and a coat to help keep him warm at night. I know it’s not much, but I hope it helps.”

John has been moved by the support he has received and is overwhelmed at the generosity of those who have visited him to offer their help.

He said: “I didn’t know what happened on Saturday when I was attacked as I had my hood up to keep out the cold, so I couldn’t see who it was, or what was going on.

“I just kept my head down and tried to stay still, but once they’d gone I saw it was chilli stuff and bright yellow. Luckily it it didn’t hurt me.

“The people of Stamford have been good to me while I’ve been sleeping rough, and this week has been no different. I’m grateful for everyone’s help.”

Stamford policing inspector Ian Martin said: “This was a despicable act on a vulnerable member of our community.

“I would ask that anyone who knows who did this to reflect on their conscience and to contact the police.”

Witness should call police on 101 quoting incident 126 of 10/06/18.

Megan Hannah said: “Poor man. People have zero respect for others!”

Sandra Groves said: “Totally disgusted by this. What’s wrong with the people of today? What did he do to deserve this? Whoever did this are scum.”

Adam Simmons said: “Do the people who perpetrate these kid of cowardly attacks ever think that they could end up on the streets? Very cruel.

Rosemary Stimpson said: “So evil. I hope the poor gentleman is OK. And I hope police catch whoever did this to him.”

Lainy Wilson said: “What is this world coming to? Bloody cowards think it’s OK to attack people who have done them no harm and can’t defend themselves.”

Dianne Bridges: “What an absolute disgrace and a reflection on the way society is going.”

Eve Thompson said: “I hope he is OK. Mindless, cowardly morons!”

Jim Cotterill said: “Bastards, hope karma catches up with them real soon!”

Peter Murcott said: “I hope they find out who has done this cowardly act and get them named and shamed.”

Derrick Bates said: “John has been there for some time. He’s a nice man and polite.”

David Harrison said: “Why would anyone do that?”

Nina Van Dyck said: Total scum.”

Emily Stubbs said: “Absolutely disgusting.”

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