Hosepipe ban starts today across Stamford, Bourne and Deepings

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A HOSEPIPE ban has come into force today for homes across the Stamford, Bourne and Deepings area.

It is the first time the area has faced a ban in 20 years.

Anglian Water has added a postcode checker to its website so people can see if the ban applies to them.

Homes in Rutland are not affected.

Anglian Water has also launched a campaign to get people to use less water

The drive, called Drop 20, is an attempt to get people to cut their water use by 20 litres a day ahead of the area’s first ban in more than 20 years.

The company is giving people tips on how to save water and is offering free kits to help its customers use less in the home and garden.

Household water-saving kits are available from the Anglian Water website. The kit includes devices to reduce the flow from taps and showers and a dual flush convertor for older toilets.

Customers in particularly drought-stricken areas may be eligible for free visits from a qualified plumber.

The company has also joined with the Royal Horticultural Society to launch The Potting Shed initiative, offering customers the chance to get free water-saving packs for their gardens, including water-storing crystals.

Thursday’s ban has been enforced due to the low water levels.

The ban was announced last month due to the reservoir level being 25 per cent lower than average for this time of year.

Director of water services at Anglian Water Paul Valleley said: “People don’t deliberately ‘waste’ water, but every drop that isn’t put to good use or saved for later puts more pressure on the available supplies in the environment.

“We just want to help people do their bit to tackle a problem that is testing all of us.”

For tips and information visit anglianwater.co.uk or see the postcode checker at {http:// http://hosepipeban.anglianwater.com|hosepipeban.anglianwater.com}