Hospice lottery gamble pays off for Aileen

Aileen Frisby
Aileen Frisby
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Just six months after she became a regular lottery player Aileen Frisby is celebrating a win that will see her jetting off to visit family in Australia, not once, but twice.

She’s also been able to present her three children with a windfall sum – and donate money to the charity which made the win possible.

Aileen, who lives in Stamford, signed up to play the weekly Sue Ryder Lottery in March, when a canvasser knocked on her door. Money from the lottery helps support hospice care at Sue Ryder Thorpe Hall Hospice in Peterborough to the tune of around £250,000 this year.

She said: “A couple of friends had mentioned they played charity lotteries and I’d seen adverts for similar games and thought it was something I could do so I suppose I was in the right frame of mind when I got the knock on the door!”

Aileen, 65, pays £1 a week to be entered into the lottery. Last month she received a call telling her she’d scooped the £10,000 jackpot.

“I’d missed a couple of calls from the fundraisers at Thorpe Hall Hospice but it didn’t sound urgent so I thought I’d perhaps won £50,” said Aileen. “When I finally spoke to Joely and she said I’d won £10,000 I really didn’t know what to say. I left her on the end of the phone in silence!”

Aileen is now planning the first of two trips to Australia where she has two brothers, a son and daughter, three grandchildren – and a fourth on the way.

“It’s two years since I’ve been to see them so this money has come at the perfect time to plan another trip,” said Aileen. “I tend to go over for three months at a time so I can spend quality time with everyone.

“And I’m hoping there will be enough left over for a second trip in a couple of years’ time – so I can continue to enjoy the money for a while yet!”

Aileen dropped by Thorpe Hall Hospice in Longthorpe, Peterborough to find out where the money she pays to play the Lottery is spent. She met fundraiser Joely Garner who introduced her to staff and volunteers and who was delighted to receive a cheque from Aileen, thanks to the win.

“It’s a wonderful place.” said Aileen. “I’m very impressed by what I’ve seen.”

For Joely the chance to make the winning call to Aileen was a real pleasure.

“I’ve never rung anyone up to tell them they’ve won £10,000 before,” she said. “The phone line went ever so quiet!

“We’re so grateful that Aileen chose to donate some of her winnings to us.”

To find out more or to join the Sue Ryder Lottery visit www.sueryder.org/lottery