Hundreds sign petition against traffic lights plan in Market Deeping

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A man has launched a petition against plans to install traffic lights in Market Deeping because he says they will cause traffic hold-ups.

Andy Pelling says the proposed lights at the junction of Godsey Lane and Hardwicke Gardens will also affect bus services.

Delaine Buses has already shorted the route of its 102 service because of the lights.

Mr Pelling, of Kesteven Close, launched the online petition on December 17 and it has more than 300 signatures.

He said: “I use that road pretty regularly as I live one side and work the other but it is something which is going to affect the whole Market Deeping community.”

Lincolnshire County Council is due to install the lights from February 4 and says it is the “most appropriate solution” to deal with the traffic.

Mr Pelling, 54, said: “I remember when there were temporary lights on the road and it was absolute chaos.

“People were queuing for ages and cutting down side roads to miss them out.”

The junction is near Tesco and two primary schools.

Mr Pelling is on Deeping St James Parish Council which objected to the lights, but is speaking out as a resident. He says the junction does not need lights and should be left as it 

Delaine Buses changed its 102 service on Sunday because of the lights plan.

The 102 no longer goes along Godsey Lane as the firm says it expects the lights would add extra time to the route and cause delays elsewhere. The nearest bus stop is now 400 metres away from Godsey Lane in Church Street.

Delaine Buses will still serve the Market Deeping Health Centre in Godsey Lane at peak hours, before 9am and after 5pm, by taking a diverted 

Delaine Buses managing director Anthony Delaine-Smith hopes it may not be too late for the county council to change the plan.

He said: “We are very disappointed that we have been put in this position.

“It is something we did not want to do.

“We are hoping common sense may prevail.”

Lincolnshire County Council head of highways Brian Thompson, said: “The traffic signals are being implemented as part of a housing development which affects the entrance to the adjacent supermarket.

“We have looked carefully at the proposals and believe that signals are the most appropriate solution to deal with all of the predicted traffic flows.”