Hunt goes on for missing terrier Cyril

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A PET owner is still calling for people to look out for his border terrier Cyril.

Peter Smurthwaite’s dog went missing after escaping from his garden in Aldgate, Ketton, only 24 hours after he moved to the village last month.

Following a number of appeals, Mr Smurthwaite has spoken to three psychics claiming they know the whereabouts of his dog but he still has not been found.

He said: “I’m definitely not giving up hope of finding Cyril. I’m still desperate to see him.

“I’ve been told by the psychics that they’ve seen him chasing rabbits in a quarry, being shooed away by people on golf courses, and recently that he has been with a homeless man. But I know that if he sees people he will hide because he feels threatened.

“If anyone has seen him, I would urge them to get in contact with me. I miss him so much.”

If you have any information on Cyril’s whereabouts call Mr Smurthwaite on 07975 729132.