Inspirational words of cancer patient Emma Jones

Emma Jones
Emma Jones
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A WOMAN fighting cancer has taken to the web to share her experiences with the world.

Emma Jones, who grew up in Langtoft, was diagnosed with myeloma, a form of bone marrow cancer, which is treatable but in the vast majority of cases not curable, on August 17.

Just days later, Emma, whose parents now live in Eastgate, Deeping St James decided that she wanted to start an online blog, called EJ Bones, to share her experiences with people.

The 28 year old, who now lives in London and works for the National Offender Management Service said: “Originally I thought it would be cathartic, a place for me to be able to express how I was feeling.

“I thought it would also be a good way for friends and family to see what I was going through, and see that I wasn’t down.

“Obviously I don’t want to have cancer but I am not negative about it and not depressed about it and I wanted the people close to me to see that.

Far from being just a place for friends and family to follow her exploits fighting the cancer, the blog has attracted thousands of other readers, with more than 13,000 people logging on in just its first month.

So far the site has followed her progress through her first round of chemotherapy, touching on amongst other things what it is like to lose your hair.

Emma said the blog was dedicated to her friends and family, whose support, love, loyalty and kindness has made her find the strength to write but more importantly, fight for her life.

However she also said she has been touched by the messages she has received from strangers following her posts, who have contacted her telling her that she makes their own struggle with cancer easier.

The former Deepings School pupil said: “If I can help just one other person with this blog then I am happy with that and it makes me feel better.”

One woman who has been inspired by Emma is her sister Kirsty Cottam, who is one of the thousands of people across the country who took part in Macmillian Cancer Support’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday.

Kirsty, who works for property lawyers SureMove, which is based in Falcon Way, Bourne, will be going around to the estate agents and people she interacts with for work to raise money for the charity which has given her sister a huge amount of support since she was diagnosed.

To read Emma’s blog for yourself visit: