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International workshop held

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General news (4036135)

Wing became the centre of the world for aiding the movement of children with special needs, last month.

Children and their parents from countries as far away as Sweden, Spain, France and Germany, flocked to the village hall to attend a rare Feldenkrais workshop led by Stewart Hamblin, a former lawyer from Uppingham and Michelle Turner from Phoenix, Arizona in the USA.

Nineteen children aged between a few months and 10 attended the workshop with their parents to improve their movement and for them to employ the techniques at home.

“Feldenkrais is about trying to improve sense of balance,” explained Stewart.

“Able-bodied people can counter-balance but this can be difficult for those with special needs.

“It’s about gentle touching to improve their balance but also how they can balance to move.

“We had one little girl with microephaly, where the head is smaller than normal, and she was learning how to bring her head up by the end of the week.

“It was wonderful to see some of the changes to the children that had taken place and also for their parents.

“Feldenkrais creates a very safe space for their children.”

According to the Feldenkrais Guild UK, it combines ‘movement, breathing and body alignment in a context of mindfulness’ to ‘realise physical and mental potential more fully’.

Feldenkrais focuses on ‘movement and breathing which can bring about improved ease, body alignment and enhanced functioning’.

Stewart said the atmosphere in the village hall was ‘wonderful’ as children and their parents realised they could move in ways they thought would ever be possible.

This was the first workshop and he hopes to have more workshops with Michelle Turner next Easter.

Visit www.stewarthamblin.co.uk

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