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Stamford inventor Colin Furze puts Joe Wicks to the test on YouTube

Stamford inventor Colin Furze has built a giant treadmill in his home - and challenged fitness guru Joe Wicks to outrun its fastest setting.

The staircase travelator was constructed by Colin using a treadmill belt powered by an electric wheelchair motor and two car batteries.

Its maximum speed is eight miles per hour, which Joe, 32, admitted finding ‘exhausting’.

The video on 39-year-old Colin’s popular YouTube channel shows ‘The Body Coach’ attempting to run up the treadmill before collapsing out of breath against the landing wall.

On the video, Joe said: “It looks so much easier from the bottom, but when you get up to the top it’s brutal.

“You’ve beaten me. This is the hardest piece of kit I’ve ever pushed myself on. I’m absolutely knackered now.”

The treadmill has four speeds starting with a slow ‘chicken’ mode and moving up to the fastest, labelled ‘run fatty’.

Later in the video, Colin can be seen laying at the bottom of the three-metre treadmill while it delivers crisps into his open mouth.

The self-styled inventor marked Christmas by putting up a 26ft decorated tree in the 18ft house so that it appeared to come through the roof.

He also recently celebrated reaching 7 million subscribers to his YouTube channel by firing 1000 firework rockets at another 1000 rockets.

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