It’s political correctness gone mad, says mum Kate

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A MUM fears political correctness has gone mad after she was asked permission for the popular nursery rhyme Three Blind Mice to be sung at her son’s music group.

Kate Finnemore has taken her one-year-old son Edward to Rhyme Time at Uppingham Library since he was eight weeks old.

Parents and tots enjoy singing a mix of traditional and modern nursery rhymes.

But last week Kate was stunned when the librarian leading the session asked if the parents minded her singing Three Blind Mice because someone had complained about the song at an earlier session.

Kate, 32, of Branston Road, Uppingham, said: “I cannot really understand why Three Blind Mice would be offensive to anyone.

“It is not discriminatory against the blind as far as I can see.

“In fact, I would think it would be more discriminatory to ban the singing of it simply because it mentions the word ‘blind’.

“Many of our nursery rhymes have their origins in some less than pleasant aspects of our history, and others are entirely meaningless, but all of them have an important place in the foundations of our children’s learning.

“My son loves the sessions and they are not all about just singing – the children also learn about how to interact with a group, how to dance and jump, and how to have fun.”

Kate, a part-time reporter for the Mercury’s sister paper, the Northampto nshire Evening Telegraph, said none of the parents at the Uppingham session objected to the song choice so everyone went ahead and sang it.

A spokesman for Rutland County Council, which is responsible for the county’s libraries, said: “It seems there has been a misunderstanding.

“There are absolutely no plans to change or censure any nursery rhymes that have been enjoyed by children for many years at Rutland libraries.”