Janey’s debut novel Walking on Marshmallows is sassy

Janey Edkins' book about sisterly love and conflict EMN-141125-152933001
Janey Edkins' book about sisterly love and conflict EMN-141125-152933001
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Janey Edkins’ book Walking on Marshmallows has nothing to do with the fluffy pink and white confection.

“I heard the expression quite by accident and thought what a perfectly intriguing title it would make,” said Janey, from South 

Janey’s sassy debut novel is about unconditional love and the conflicts that create the very special bond between sisters.

Loosely set in Rutland, the book is a both funny and touching.

“It encompasses the turbulent lives of two sisters – one who always manages to come up smelling of roses, the other...well...stinking of manure,” Janey said.

“It’s about trying to find love for the sister who has lost the will to live because everything has gone wrong for her, she has lost her job and her man.

“Even the attempts to find her sister a man ends up with her going on a date 

Janey, who has “always wanted to write” finally put pen to paper during the few years she was living in South Africa.

It took her a while, she admits, because she went back to it again and again in order to get it just 

Having got the bug for writing Janey, who works part time for a music production company in Manton, plans to continue.

“I’m in for the long haul, simply because I love to write,’ she said.

Walking on Marshmallows costs £7 and is available from Walkers Bookstore, in Stamford, or Uppingham Sports and 

It can also be downloaded on Amazon for around