Join indoor football team or have a go at women’s rugby at Stamford Rugby Club

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A newly launched Stamford football group is looking for like-minded individuals to join its ranks for a weekly kick-around.

The group is searching for locals who want to keep fit and play football, but don’t want to join a league or team. Stamford Indoor Football organiser Danny Morgan said there was a need to have an environment where people can play competitively, but in a more friendly atmosphere. He has a venue in mind but needs numbers to make it sustainable.

He said: “For some people, joining a team is a little intimidating, it’s a big commitment, and sometimes you just fancy a casual game of football with others who don’t take it too seriously and to keep fit.”

Visit or search for the group on Facebook.

l Stamford Rugby Club is also hosting a warrior camp at Hambleton Road on Saturday, January 20, from 1pm to 3pm. for any women interested in trying the sport.

The warrior camps aim to encourage more women and girls to play contact rugby, teaching participant’s key introductory skills and drills within a non-committal, social and fun environment. Participants will be introduced to the basics of rugby, including passing, kicking and tackling, along with enjoyable fitness routines.