Jono launches National Twotto on Twitter

Jono Casley
Jono Casley
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A FORMER Uppingham Community College pupil is taking the world of social networking by storm.

Jono Casley, 27, from Uppingham, has started a worldwide lottery on social networking site Twitter.

The National Twotto is a free lottery available to users of Twitter who can sign up to be a part of the weekly draw.

The concept means that the more people who are signed up to it, the more money will be won.

Each week there will be a prize fund equivalent to one per cent of the player count.

The winning player is picked at random.

The idea first came to Jono when he was at work as a flash developer and technologist at Code Computerlove in Manchester where he lives.

He said: “Twotto was born out of a desire to create a big digital idea that would help a whole host of people and charities.”

To encourage players to spread the word about Twotto, Jono has come up with a clever way of spreading the word.

The player who recruits the most new players in that week will earn an equivalent cash donation for their chosen charity.

Jono intends to find the money for winnings through corporate sponsorship.

He said: “I would love to see this philanthropic experiment bloom into something that will make a real difference to charities and to our winners.

“In one year’s time I hope we will have one million followers, and be fundraising some serious cash.”

To sign up for Twotto follow @nationaltwotto on Twitter or visit