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Judge defers decision on whether Spalding murder kids can be named

Katie Edwards ANL-160419-162240001
Katie Edwards ANL-160419-162240001

A judge this afternoon (Wednesday) deferred making a decision on whether to allow publication of the identities of the teenagers who face sentence tomorrow as Britain’s youngest double murderers.

The pair were just 14 when they brutally murdered Spalding dinner lady Liz Edwards and her daughter Katie (13) at their home in Dawson Avenue in the town.

Liz Edwards
Liz Edwards

During a day-long hearing at Nottingham Crown Court, Gervase de Wilde, on behalf of Associated Newspapers – publishers of the Daily Mail, and News Corp, publishers of The Sun – argued that restrictions preventing reporting of the identities of the defendants should be lifted in the public interest.

Barristers representing the two defendants and both Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire County Council argued that the reporting restrictions should remain in place.

At the end of the hearing Mr Justice Haddon-Cave said: “I will reserve my ruling on the question of anonymity. I will give a decision in writing as soon as I am able to.

“A great many authorities have been raised today and new issues of law which I will have to consider.”

My client has said to m that he does not care what happens to him provided the girl is alright
Simon Myerson QC

The boy admitted two charges of murder. The girl admiited two charges of manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility but denied the two murders. She was convicted of both murders by a jury following a trial.

Both defendants are now 15.

Both are due to be sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court in the morning (Thursday).

WEDNESDAY, 3.58PM: Hearing over whether Spalding killer kids can be named

A hearing to decide if the two teenagers who murdered Spalding mum Liz Edwards and her daughter Katie can be named is being held today (Wednesday).

A 15-year-old girl was found guilty of both murders last month. A 15-year-old boy had already admitted both murders.

Mr Justice Haddon-Cave, who heard the girl’s trial, will make a decision whether the pair can be named after hearing legal submissions.

The two teenagers are due to be sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court tomorrow (Thursday).

Simon Myerson QC, representing the boy, told the hearing there is evidence that the lad has a personality disorder.

“His personality disorder involves him attaching himself so deeply to the girl that he does not see himself as a seperate individual.

“My client has said to me in terms that he does not care what happens to him provided the girl is alright.”

The barrister said that the boy, who was 14 at the time of the killings, may suffer a breakdown when he recognises the full effect of what he did and starts to remove himself from the girl.

“He may never be able to be released. He may never not be dangerous.”

Mr Myerson said that the boy was originally held in secure accommodation but has since been moved.

He said: “He is remanded in a young offenders institution because an incident took place in his secure accommodation which he was on the periphery of. A number of inhabitants of that secure accommodation were moved. There was a list and he was the last person on the list. “

Mr Myerson has argued that a reporting restriction should remain in force preventing publication of the names of both the boy and girl.

The pair plotted to kill school dinner lady Liz Edwards and her daughter Katie (13), who were both stabbed and smothered at their home in Dawson Avenue, Spalding in April.

• The hearing continues.

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