Junction fight goes on - despite council rejection

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OUR calls for safety improvements at a busy junction have been rejected by Peterborough City Council.

We believe a “Stop” sign should be installed at the junction of the A1 south sliproad and the A43 near Wothorpe, and a 40mph speed limit introduced for vehicles approaching the junction.

But following an inspection visit last week, members of the council’s highways team and officers from Cambridgeshire Constabulary have decided that the suggested changes are not necessary.

Despite this decision, we are not giving up the fight and propose to keep our campaign running as long as it continues to gather support from our readers.

The council has agreed to extend and repaint road markings following the public’s concerns but says a “Stop” sign is not needed because visibility of the road is clear enough at the sliproad, and that the speed limit will not be reduced because on average motorists travel much lower than the current 60mph limit.

A city council spokesman said: “Following this inspection we will be arranging for the road markings to be repainted and for additional road markings on the approach to the bridge to make the junction more visible.

“We considered the option of a ‘Stop’ sign. However this was discounted as visibility is not considered to be reduced enough at this location to require such a sign.

“A full speed survey was also carried out over a period of seven days.

“The results of this speed survey revealed that the majority of vehicles using this stretch of road travel at speeds which are well below the current speed limit of 60mph. Therefore we don’t believe that a reduction in the speed limit is necessary at this time.”

Despite this setback, our campaign will continue.

Mercury editor Eileen Green said: “Hundreds of people have signed coupons and petitions backing our call for action to improve the junction.

“While I am sure we will all be grateful for any improvements the council makes to road markings, I do not believe such work will drastically reduce the dangers posed.

“Drivers do not stop at the junction of the sliproad and the A43 – they just pull out and all too often misjudge the speed of approaching vehicles, particularly those coming into Stamford from Easton-on-the-Hill.

“Sadly I fear someone will be killed before action is taken. As we know, there have been fatalities at this junction in the past, and surely we do not want any further tragedies.”

The villagers’ petition, which has been organised by Sue Sharpe, of Easton-on-the-Hill, has gathered more than 300 signatures and will also continue to run.

Speaking about the council’s decision, Sue said: “I think the council is making a mistake.

“It probably has to stick to the criteria but it is not taking into account the high number of near misses that there are all the time.

“I would like to urge people to keep supporting the campaign because something needs to be done.”

Mercury reader Thomas Dykes, from First Drift, Wothorpe, said: “I travel to and from Corby twice a week and would certainly like to support the improved safety measures.”

If you would like to support the campaign, please complete the coupon below or e-mail smeditor@stamfordmercury.co.uk