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Khadija keeps shining through

Stamford businesswoman and BBC Apprentice candiate Khadija Khalifa is safely through to week nine of the hit BBC One show.

Week eight saw the candidates sell contemporary art and Khadija’s team Collaborative came out on top, making £3,499.76 to team Typhoon’s £1,325.49.

Each team was given a budget of £4,000 to spend on art for a corporate client.

Khadija Kalifa Photo: BBC (5143844)
Khadija Kalifa Photo: BBC (5143844)

Despite not being particularly successful with the corporate client, the team Khadija was on did very well selling art to the public which was what gave Collaborative the edge over Typhoon.

The candidate to be fired by Lord Sugar from the losing team was Jasmine.

At the end of the episode, Khadija said it was “frustrating” to work with teammate Camilla as “she tried to steal sales”.

- Here are Khadija’s thoughts on Wednesday night’s episode:

“Where art thou? Into week nine is where she is!


Hmmm, what do I know about art?

My daughter can draw a pretty good smiley face, I know that. That’s about as far as my arty knowledge goes.

Daniel’s hair, outfit and gift of the gab was the highlight of the show for me. That boy was hilarious.

I was sad to see Jasmine go, I thought she was a finalist from day one.

We also got on really well in the house, but laugh about how that is maybe because we didn’t actually work together.

Things could have been a lot different.

My life is changing dramatically, I’ve been recognised in the Post Office in Stamford this week, collecting a parcel.

Thank you to that lovely lady for supporting me.

Please do come up and chat to me, I’m not scary I promise.

I’d rather we chat, as the stares sometimes make me feel like I have food on my face.”

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