Kier Homes refuses to hold exhibition on revised plans for homes in Kettering Road, Stamford

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Campaigners fighting revised plans for homes on greenfield land say they are dismayed that the developer has refused to hold a new public consultation exercise.

The Stamford! Protect Our Green Open Space group is fighting plans by Kier Homes for 39 houses on land to the south of Kettering Road in Stamford.

The group has already fought plans for 48 homes on the same site, which were refused by South Kesteven District Council’s planning committee in a majority vote in 2014 - a decision which was upheld by the Planning Inspector in June 2015.

Planning director for Kier Ian Mitchell has now written to Ian Campbell, chairman of the Stamford! Protect Our Green Space group, saying he believes the “development of the site for housing is acceptable in principle”. Mr Mitchell said the firm had a “clear idea of the key concerns” of those who had objected previously.

Mr Campbell believes nothing has changed since the first application was submitted. Nearly 1,200 people signed a petition against the first application and nearly 1,000 people have signed a new petition against the revised plans.

Mr Campbell said that Kier held a consultation event in 2013, which he said was “under-publicised” and prior to the site being included in the Local Plan as an area for potential development.

He said: “We have nearly 1,000 signatures on our new petition objecting to this revised application and SKDC have advised us they have, so far, received over 350 written objections from Stamford residents. And yet - when we ask Kier to hold a public consultation on what is a new application, radically different from the first one, they refuse.”

You can still sign the new petition by visiting