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Rutland MP Alicia Kearns addresses dental practices axing NHS provision

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Summer is in full swing now that the solstice has passed, but just because the sun shines doesn’t mean the work stops, and I have been pushing hard to address the lack of NHS dentistry provision and access to GP services across Rutland and Melton, says Rutland MP Alicia Kearns.

We all appreciate the pressures placed on healthcare by the pandemic and remain deeply grateful to all those, including dentists and doctors, who worked in such difficult conditions.

Whilst this gratitude is never in question, there is a basic level of provision we expect.

Alicia Kearns MP
Alicia Kearns MP

That is why I wrote to the Health Secretary highlighting the current lack of services available and requesting that he act immediately to remedy the situation.

The Health Secretary has agreed to meet me, and I will use this meeting to highlight issues within dentistry and to reiterate the need for a new GP practice in Oakham.

It is only fair that services are increased, especially when new developments are built.

Open female mouth during oral checkup at the dentist
Open female mouth during oral checkup at the dentist

Rutland’s unique character owes much to our farming communities.

Our rural way of life, understanding of the land and abundance of high-quality produce are all intertwined with centuries of farming traditions – embodied by those who farm today.

Unfortunately, recent years have seen radical groups deliberately target farms.

Groups, whose members know nothing beyond social media and city living, are deliberately seeking to disrupt food production and distribution.

As we face global food shortages this is unacceptable.

They break onto our farms, intimidate our farmers, and worry our livestock.

To counter this growing threat, I am working on an amendment to the Public Order Bill to class farms, food production sites and abattoirs as key national infrastructure.

This would protect these vital sites from deliberate and sinister trespass, giving peace of mind to food producers and ensuring food can pass from farm to home uninterrupted.

I have written to the Government making the case for this amendment and will work with them to ensure it is adopted.

As chairperson of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on geographically protected foods I published a report into how the Government can maximise GP foods potential.

The 38 recommendations within it highlight the potential of GP foods – now the work starts to see them implemented!

This month also saw us celebrate Armed Forces Day and all the brilliant men and women who dedicate themselves to protecting us and our nation.

As Putin’s brutal and illegal war continues in Ukraine, we are all reminded of the importance of our military in defending our freedoms from tyranny.

We are privileged to be the home of the 7th Infantry Brigade, the Desert Rats and the 2nd Battalion, the Poachers, and the 1st Military Working Dog Regiment.

To all those servicemen and women based in Rutland and Melton, serving in the UK and around the world – thank you for all you do.

This month also saw a first for Rutland, as our great county hosted its first ever Pride event in Oakham.

I was so touched to see our community come out in such force to show support and love for our LGBTQ+ community.

There was so much fun to be had, from singing, acting, and coming together to march in support of the freedom to live your life as you are and love who you love without shame.

Hats off to the organisers for a splendid event and I look forward to a new annual Rutland Pride!

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