Last case to be filed by retired detective Helen

Detective Inspector Helen Evans with Chief Constable Neil Rhodes ahead of the pair's retirement
Detective Inspector Helen Evans with Chief Constable Neil Rhodes ahead of the pair's retirement
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A detective who investigated some of the most shocking crimes committed in Lincolnshire over recent years has cracked her final case.

Detective Inspector Helen Evans, 49, left Lincolnshire Police last week after a 30-year career which included spells in Spalding, the Deepings, Bourne, Stamford and Grantham.

Among her cases were the deaths of Claire, Charlotte and Lance Hart in Spalding last July and the unsolved murder of Grantham mum-of-two Julie Pacey in September 1994.

DI Evans said: “I’ve dealt with a lot of tragic and terrible cases but, hopefully, the way I’ve run the investigations have left the victims’ families with very positive feelings about myself and my team.

“I try to do this in every case as you’re dealing with families in the worst of circumstances and if we can make that experience as reassuring as possible, hopefully, it makes things easier for them to deal with.”

DI Evans, who is married and lives in north Lincolnshire, started her career as a Police Constable in Stamford February 1987, before spending 21 years primarily based at Grantham.

She said: “Both myself and a friend thought about the police service when we were both at school in the 1980s, a time when you either went on to university or you didn’t.

“So I stayed on at school to do my A-levels and then applied for selection to join the police service.

“I remember them saying to me ‘you’re a bit young’, but I became a regular WPC and in my first couple of years, I saw some things that you wouldn’t necessarily want to see.”

After progression through child and adult protection investigations, DI Evans became a Detective Constable, Sergeant and finally Inspector.

She said: “For me, it’s about working together as a team, finding the person responsible and making sure they are prosecuted for their crime.”