Leicestershire Police sticker scheme will help reduce vehicle thefts

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Leicestershire Police are launching a new scheme with the aim of reducing thefts of agricultural trailers.

Large reflective signs which display the message ‘Please stop if seen driven between 10pm and 5am’ are available to all owners of agricultural trailers. They are being distributed to members of ‘Farm Watch’ and the local farming communities.

The reflective signs aim to highlight vehicles to the police to help them recognise vehicles that should not normally be moved between those hours.

By stopping the vehicle and speaking with the driver, it can be identified as to whether or not the vehicle has been stolen.

The scheme is initially being trialled in Rutland and Melton.

If you are interested in joining ‘Farm Watch’ or would like to receive a reflective sticker, please contact PCSO 6127 Steven Houghton by calling 101.