Letter - Dismay at skatepark refusal

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I am dismayed to learn that planning officials are recommending that the new skate park should be refused planning permission because of concerns about noise.

I’m afraid that my view is that if you choose to live next to an urban park then you have to accept some additional noise.

The Rec is a public amenity shared by all Stamford residents and those living adjacent to it shouldn’t expect to have a casting vote over what happens there.

I think it’s also important to bear in mind that the previous skate ramp on the Rec wasn’t closed because of noise or nuisance but simply because the structure itself was unsafe.

Considering the hugely impressive efforts of the adults and young people involved with the Stamford Skatepark Committee I sincerely hope that SKDC planning officers will change their minds on this issue.

Simon Whitmore

Sweetbriar, Stamford