Lights on Stamford Town Bridge restored

Celebrating the installation of new lights on the town bridge'Photo: Don Lambert
Celebrating the installation of new lights on the town bridge'Photo: Don Lambert
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Organisations in Stamford have worked together to restore the lights on the Town Bridge.

Graddon Rowlands, a member of Stamford Urban Group, said the group had worked in partnership with Stamford Town Council, Lincolnshire County Council and the Civic Society to see the four lights replaced.

He described them as previously being in a “sorry state” as the columns were rusted and the lanterns were encased in grime, one being out of alignment with its base.

He added: “They were an embarrassment to Stamford, the more so since they featured on one of the most attractive and photographed vistas of the town, that leading up to St Mary’s Church.”

He said it was thanks to the “tireless representations” made to Lincolnshire County Council by Coun David Brailsford, that the work had been carried out.

With funding from Lincolnshire County Council, the Skells Trust and the Stamford Civic Society the columns have been restored and repainted and new lanterns with LED lighting have been installed, these being fitted free of charge by Lincolnshire Highways Lighting Department thanks largely to Gary Fereday.

Our photo above shows town mayor Tony Story, Lincolnshire county councillor David Brailsford, Chris Redman and two of his colleagues from the council’s highways alliance and Don Lambert, chairman of the Urban Group of the Civic Society, which acted as project managers, on the town bridge with one of the lights in the background.Photo: Don Lambert