Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust to enforce dog ban at Thurlby Fen Slipe Nature Reserve

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Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is now enforcing a dog ban at Thurlby Fen Slipe Nature Reserve, near Bourne.

The trust says the amount of dog mess on the nature reserve has been increasing, as has the the number of people walking dogs off a lead. Signage asking people to pick up after their dogs and keep them on a lead are frequently being ignored. On Monday morning, 21 dog faeces were found in a 10 metre stretch of path.

Thurlby Fen Slipe is protected for its wildlife and designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest. As well as being extremely unpleasant, piles of dog dirt on sensitive habitats can change the nutrient levels in the soil; affecting the wildflowers that can grow. In spring, there is a spectacular show of cowslips at Thurlby Fen Slipe. This is also the worst area for dog fowling; threatening the future survival of the cowslips.

The trust, which owns the reserve, previously requested dogs not been taken on the reserve but is now enforcing the ban.

By understanding the impact dogs have on wildlife and nature reserves, the wildlife trust hopes that people can help us reduce that impact.