Local football manager Andy Gray bombarded with Twitter messages meant for sacked TV sports pundit

Andy Gray with his phone he used to check his Twitter messages
Andy Gray with his phone he used to check his Twitter messages
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THE Twitterati have been venting their views on football commentator Andy Gray, but they’ve been sending their messages to the wrong one!

Spurs fan Andy Gray, 30, from Aldgate, Ketton, has been inundated with messages to his Twitter account since the scandal broke earlier this week.

Sky Sports commentators Andy Gray and Richard Keys were recorded making sexist remarks on whether referee Sian Massey knew the off-side rule during a match between Wolves and Liverpool on Saturday.

The two men, who thought their microphones were off, also insulted West Ham vice-chairman Karen Brady.

Retired Scotland striker Mr Gray, 55, was sacked on Tuesday by Sky “in response to new evidence of unacceptable behaviour”.

New footage, recorded in December, showed him making suggestive comments to a female colleague.

Mr Keys, 53, who apologised to Ms Massey, resigned on Wednesday.

Since then Andy, who manages Ketton FC’s first team, has received scores of messages on Twitter, ranging from abusive to supportive.

Andy, who works as a PR manager for a video games company, was attending presentations in New York when he first started to get messages on Monday. His account includes a picture of him.

He said: “To be honest it was quite funny as I was sat in streams and streams of presentations so in between I would check my Twitter account and I was getting message after message.”

He said: “There are a few abusive ones to start off with, then a few jokey ones. It’s really been a mixed bag.

“The messages became more obscure the longer it went on.”

Andy had post a message to say he is not the football pundit.

He added: “They were obviously wrong in what they said.”