Logan’s wish is coming true

Logan Machin at the exclusive screening of Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
Logan Machin at the exclusive screening of Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
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A nine-year-old with a serious illness has been given the chance to experience her dream of swimming with dolphins.

Logan Machin, from West Deeping, suffers from a complicated bowel and bladder condition that doctors have yet to fully diagnose.

The Uffington Primary School pupil tries to live as normal a life as she can, but her illness means everyday life is hard work.

But next year Logan is in for a treat as she has been selected to have one wish granted by Starlight Children’s Foundation.

A date has not been confirmed but at some point in 2014 Logan, brother Cody, 11, sister Kasey, five, and parents Michael and Carrie-Ann will jet off to Discovery Cove in Florida to swim with dolphins.

Carrie-Ann, 31, said: “Logan has always been one for animals. But she never thought swimming with dolphins would be possible. It makes it even more special.

“The illness will always affect her. At the moment she copes quite well because she doesn’t know any different.

“But during the bad times the holiday will give her something to look forward to.”

Logan has already been treated to an animal-themed party. She was one of a group of children invited by Starlight to an exclusive screening of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted in London.

And Paramount Pictures UK laid on a themed party for the families with food, games and activities.

Carrie-Ann said: “The day was amazing. The week before Logan had been in hospital and she really wasn’t well.

“It was great for her to be able to go and do something nice.”

Carrie-Ann has high praise for Starlight and the work the charity does.

She added: “It’s amazing what they do. It’s special.

“Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to afford to go to places like that.

“If you have a child that is poorly you want to give them everything.

“It’s nice that Logan can have something special done for her because she has gone through so much.”

Find out about Starlight at www.starlight.org.uk