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We need to change the way we dispose of waste in 2022, says Stamford Climate Action Group

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Recycling rates have plateaued in the UK since 2013, writes Annabel Britton of All Good Market in Stamford and Stamford Climate Action Group.

Approximately two-thirds of our recycling is sent abroad - where some of it ends up being dumped, or burnt. In fact, greenhouse gases emitted by burning waste could impede us from reaching our legally-binding target of net zero emissions by 2050.

Most of us are aware that we need to change the way we produce, use and dispose of consumer goods - but don’t necessarily know where to start tackling this gargantuan challenge! I mean, fixing the manufacturing, logistics, marketing, retail and waste disposal industries would be a bit of an ask for any of us.

All Good Market is a sustainable store
All Good Market is a sustainable store

But there is a raft of innovative and optimistic people who are trying to make inroads in this problem.

Take Phill, who makes eco-friendly cleaning products in Northamptonshire and supplies them to refill shops all over the country. His company (also called Fill!) have saved 1.5 million plastic bottles this year - equivalent to over 40 tonnes of plastic waste.

Then there’s the Harrisons, a family of dairy farmers who have had a milk round in the Grantham area for almost a century. The 21st-Century reboot sees sisters Julie and Anne supplying local businesses and residents with farm-fresh milk in glass bottles. If you have a coffee at Pizza da Mario or The Blonde Beet then you’ve been an unwitting part of this circular supply chain which saves over a thousand bottles each week.

You can make sustainable choices at All Good Market
You can make sustainable choices at All Good Market

I’m proud that both Fill and Bassingthorpe Milk supply my zero waste shop, All Good Market. Our mission is to inspire Stamfordians to shop sustainably, and to date we have saved over 10,000 plastic bottles. If you laid them end-to-end, they would stretch from our shop on St Paul’s Street to Burghley House!

You see - when you make a small change to your bathroom, or your fridge, or your business, it all starts to add up. Start small, with just one change, like refilling your washing up liquid, or using beeswax wraps instead of cling film. Little positive impacts add up and inspire others to do the same - we all have a role to play in shaping our future.

Using refillable bottles can help with climate change
Using refillable bottles can help with climate change

The next Climate Action Group meeting is on Wednesday, January 12, at 6pm. This virtual meeting can be joined by emailing townclerk@stamfordtowncouncil.gov.uk for a link. Everyone is welcome.

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