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Man assaulted police officer in Deeping St James

By Mercury reporter

A 39-year-old admitted to twice assaulting a female police sergeant.

Richard Daniel Duffield of Spalding Road, Deeping St James admitted to twice assaulting Police Sergeant Leanne Carr when he appeared before magistrates at Boston.

Boston Magistrates Court. (6312170)
Boston Magistrates Court. (6312170)

Prosecuting, Nick Todd said police were called to Duffield’s home by his wife at 11.30pm on Sunday, December 9, after she had dialled 999 following an argument with her husband, asking them to remove her husband from the house.

He said both of them were ‘in drink’ and Mr Todd said police had been called ‘many times’ to the house in the past.

Mr Todd said Duffield resisted being taken out of the house and the officers decided to arrest him to prevent a breach of the peace. He kicked out and hit Sergeant Carr twice on the shins.

He said that on the drive to the police station, Duffield was in the back of the police van and had been hitting his head on the sides of the van and then went very quiet, so the officers stopped their van to see if he was all right.

Mr Todd said that when Sergeant Carr went to check him, he lashed out and kicked her on the shins.

Later, he said he was ‘ashamed and disgusted’ and was ‘very sorry’.

Mitigating, Amanda Bailey said Duffield was an alcoholic who, prior to the day of the offences, had been drink free for three to four months but on this night, things went wrong.

She said both of them drank too much but it had not been a deliberate assault but a ‘reckless lashing out’.

The magistrates imposed a community order and ordered Duffield to attend six months of alcohol treatment and 20 days of rehabilitation.

He was also ordered to pay £170 in costs and charges and £50 in compensation to Sergeant Carr.

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