Man rescued from house fire in Dowsby

Exteriors of 19 Fen Road, Dowsby EMN-140110-163450009
Exteriors of 19 Fen Road, Dowsby EMN-140110-163450009
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A disabled man had to be rescued from his home by neighbours after a grease pan caught fire while he was asleep upstairs.

Five fire crews were called to Fen Road in Dowsby at about 5pm on Sunday. A grease pan had caught fire, filling the house with smoke.

As soon as smoke was spotted, neighbours rushed to the aid of the couple who live in the house.

The woman and a carer were able to get out of the house safely. But her husband, who is disabled following several strokes, was trapped upstairs.

Neighbour Stuart Crisp was alerted to the fire by the woman’s screaming, and ran over to help.

He said: “Two of us went in to get him from upstairs. He was sound asleep.

“It was a case of trying to get him up and out of the house because he uses a stairlift and the electricity was off.

“The house was full of smoke. It was the grease and oil in the grill pan that had caught light.

“It was quite frightening for the couple. To be woken up and find two people in your bedroom was quite a 

The couple, along with two of the people who came to their aid, were taken to hospital for smoke inhalation. Mr Crisp said the woman who lived in the house had been released and was staying with his family until her home was made safe, but the man was still in hospital.

Mr Crisp was full of praise for the firefighters and paramedics who attended. He said: “It was a fantastic response from the emergency services. I can’t moan at them at all.

“They even fitted smoke alarms in the house bcause the ones in there weren’t working.”

Mr Crisp added: “It’s lucky no-one was seriously injured.”