Meeting to try to save sports campaign group in Stamford tomorrow

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AN ACTION group which has campaigned for better sports facilities in Stamford needs new members or it will be forced to close.

Action for Stamford Sport and Leisure is holding a meeting in the Burghley Room at Stamford Arts Centre tomorrow at 10.30am and is open to anyone with an interest in the town’s sports facilities.

The group was formed in June 2007 to promote sport and leisure in the town and campaign for better facilities.

The group has conducted surveys, printed a sports directory and held talks with South Kesteven District Council and landowners to discuss possible improvements in the town. But following the death of its founder and chairman, Jane Peckett, last year the group’s activities have dwindled.

The remaining members are now hoping to attract new blood to restart their campaign.

Treasurer Gerry Evans, of Emlyns Street, Stamford, said: “The sad loss of Jane was a big blow to the group and our secretary cannot continue, so unless we find someone to take on these roles the organisation will be dissolved and a force born to encourage sport and leisure in Stamford will be lost.

“When we carried out our surveys, the majority of people felt the provision of swimming facilities in Stamford was inadequate and there was a need for a sports hall.

“If a new chairman can be found, it will be their choice what direction the group takes but I hope we can find people willing to carry on promoting sport in the town.”

Mr Evans has called the meeting for anyone interested in joining the group. He hopes to attract new members who can continue the fight for better sports facilities in Stamford.

For more information about Action for Stamford Sport and Leisure, contact Gerry Evans on 01780 762628.