Men at South Kesteven District Council get paid more

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Men tend to have better paid jobs at South Kesteven District Council.

Men at the council earn a ‘median’ wage 20 per cent higher than women, though the ‘mean’ is just 3.7 per cent higher.

A report prepared for its Employment Committee says the standard mean hourly rate for men is £12.11, compared with £11.66 for women.

The mean is defined as the ‘average’ by adding all the wages and diving by staff numbers, while the median is the midpoint or middle value of all the salaries.

The report said SKDC has “no significant issues with regards to the gender pay 

SKDC “has a clear policy” of paying staff the same for the same work.

“This disparity is due to employment of men and women in roles that traditionally attract specific genders.”