Mercury calls on readers to support road safety campaign

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THE Mercury is calling on readers to support a campaign to improve road safety at a busy junction.

We believe action is needed before someone is killed at the junction of the A43 and the A1 south sliproad at Wothorpe on the outskirts of Stamford.

Residents in the nearby villages of Easton-on-the-Hill and Collyweston have already collected 200 names on a petition calling for the speed limit at the junction to be reduced to 40mph and a “Stop” sign to be put up at the end of the sliproad. At present drivers only have to “Give Way”.

Now the Mercury is backing their efforts - and hopes readers will add their names to the campaign.

Mercury editor Eileen Green said: “Please take a moment to complete the coupon below and send it in to us.

“Anyone who uses the A43 or that A1 sliproad as I do every day will know what a dangerous junction it can be.

“Drivers misjudge the speed of traffic on the A43 and pull out of the sliproad, causing other motorists to brake sharply or swerve.

“I truly believe it is only a matter of time before a fatal collision occurs.”

The latest serious crash happened earlier this month and involved three vehicles. One driver was badly hurt and was airlifted to hospital, where he is still in a serious condition at University hospital Coventry. Police were unable to say how the collision occured.

Since 2006, there have been 11 accidents, including six serious collisions, at the junction.

The villagers’ campaign is being organised by Sue Sharpe, of The Cresent, Easton-on-the-Hill. Sue, who is 52, is adamant that a “Stop” sign and speed limit for drivers approaching the junction will reduce accidents.

Sue said: “It’s a danger zone with frequent near-misses because drivers still think they are on the A1 and pull out without coming to a stop.”

“It should be clear that vehicles need to stop and a ‘Stop’ sign should be put up. A 40mph limit for cars approaching the junction along the A43 would also help to make it safer for cars pulling out.

“I know a few people who have been in crashes there - it’s just such a bad spot.

“It’s just a small change that’s needed and it could prevent so many future accidents.”

Sue had contacted Peterborough City Council three years ago about the problem but had no luck in starting up a petition.

“But now the council is acting on her recent calls and is sending a team to take a look.

The council’s road safety officer Clair George said: “Because concerns have been raised by the public we have to carry out a site visit.

“Members of the transport and engineering team and the police will be out to take a look at the junction within the next three weeks.

“They will review the incident at the site, look at what may have caused the accident and look to see if any safety improvements are necessary.”

The campaign has also received support from Wothorpe Parish Council.

A spokesman said: “Anything that would help to slow down the cars would be very welcomed. I

“It’s been on the council’s radar for a while and we would fully support the action.”

To support the campaign:


Sign our petition form at our office in Sheep Market, Stamford

Sign the villagers’ petition at Collyweston Community Shop in High Street, Collyweston; Easton-on-the-Hill post office in Westfields; The Oak Inn in Stamford Road, Easton-on-the-Hill and The Blue Bell in High Street, Easton-on-the-Hill