Mercury Little Stars competition - get your votes in by September 3

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IT’S time to cast your vote in the grand final of our Little Stars photo competition – but you will have to be quick.

It’s easy to vote – you can make your choice by text or with a coupon printed in last week’s paper (it’ll be in again this week).

Coupons should arrive by first post on Monday, September 3 and text votes have to be made by midnight on Sunday next week.

Mercury readers have picked the top five in each age group and can now choose the winners of the categories and the child with the most votes will be declared the overall Little Stars champion.

Send your completed coupons to Little Stars, Rutland and Stamford Mercury, Sheep Market, Stamford, PE9 2QZ, to arrive by first post on Monday, September 3. Photocopied coupons will not be accepted. You can use the coupon to vote for one child in each age group. OR text your entry to 61500 before midnight on Sunday, September 2 starting your message with SMP then a space BABY or LITTLE or STARS (depending on the age category) then a space and then the four-digit number of the child you are voting for, as shown in the caption beneath the photograph, followed by your name, house number and postcode. Text message costs £1 in addition to your standard network charge and should contain no more than 160 characters. You must make one text call for each child you are voting for and cannot vote for different age group children in the same text.

The finalists are:

0-18 months:

Lewis Calsela
BABY 1116

Rocco Crooks
BABY 1085

Adithya Aryan Ganti
BABY 1104

Phoebe Gray
BABY 1075

Saffie Hume

BABY 1087

18 months - three years

Tyler Brown

Libby Dickinson


Sienna Frampton-Harrison

Lucas Herrigan

Phoebe Pennells

Three years and over

Emily Brown
STARS 3021

Chloe Finch
STARS 3026

Jessica Godding
STARS 3006

Caitlyn Gregory
STARS 3024

Aidan Neehuis
STARS 3025