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Get Rutland and Stamford news for free during coronavirus crisis with our new Iliffe Media app

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the UK this newspaper is committed to bringing you the latest facts and Government advice.

We understand that not all of our readers will want to venture out to get their weekly newspaper from the shop. We have therefore developed an app which can be downloaded for free and read on either your phone or tablet.

The IM News app contains the latest breaking news from our journalists as well as a digital version of the newspaper itself, which can be read with the swipe of your finger.

New IM app is launching (31977901)
New IM app is launching (31977901)

As part of our service to our readers from today we are making the IM News app available for free for a month.

Once installed and opened you will be greeted by a map of England with location markers for every county where Iliffe Media, the independent publisher of this newspaper, operates. If you tap your county you will have the option to read any newspaper published by Iliffe Media in that county. You can then select your local newspaper of choice and tap ‘Take me to the news’.

On mobile you will be taken to the latest breaking news, leisure and sport content from our newsroom, available at your fingertips. If you tap the ‘paper’ tab you can also choose to read editions of your local newspaper, pages are swipeable and can be made larger by pinching and pulling the screen. There is also the option to download the newspaper so you can read it offline at your leisure and a full archive is available at a touch.

The IM News App is launching free to every reader for four weeks (31977177)
The IM News App is launching free to every reader for four weeks (31977177)

If you’ve download the app on tablet you will see a daily newsletter of stories carefully crafted by our teams under the editions tab as well as a swipeable version of your favourite local newspaper under the replica tab.

You can download the app at subsaver.co.uk/imn and entering the code: TRUST.

You will then be emailed details of how to download it from the Apple or Google Play stores.

The app is updated throughout the day as we aim to bring you the news that matters most to you. Download today and keep up-to-date with the latest information brought to you by your trusted local news source.

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