Mike from Manton wins keys to £40,000 Porsche

Mike Stenson of Manton who has won a �40,000 Porsche in the Best of the Best competition
Mike Stenson of Manton who has won a �40,000 Porsche in the Best of the Best competition
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A car enthusiast got the surprise of his life when his gardening was interrupted by the arrival of a shiny new Porsche.

Mike Stenson has entered Best of the Best competitions to win a dream car for more than a decade and this week his dream finally came true.

The 72-year-old received a surprise visit from the competition founder on Wednesday with the keys to a £40,000 Porsche Cayman.

Mike said: “I’ve played regularly for years but never imagined I would win.”

He paid to enter a ‘spot the ball’ photo competition. The person who correctly guesses where a football has been cropped out of a photo is the winner.

Mike received a phone call from the company on Tuesday to say he was part of a tie break and then heard nothing more until the organisers knocked at his door in St Mary’s Road, Manton.

His wife Mary, 70, said: “I knew he played occasionally but I‘ve never asked how much he has spent. I don’t mind knowing now he has won though!”

Mike started playing 11 years ago when he saw a competition stand at Heathrow Airport on the way to visit his daughter Emma in New Zealand.

He now buys five tickets around six times a year. Players get to choose which car they would like from a selection of around 170 models.

Mike said: “The Porsche is a fantastic drivers’ car. It’s built to get the most enjoyment out of driving it. I’ve driven a friend’s Porsche before but I’m looking forward to getting in my own.

“I’ll have to think about whether anyone else can drive it.”

The couple already own a Jaguar S-type, a Mazda MX5 and a Toyota Rav4.

Mike, a retired insurance broker, said: “I think we’ll have to sell one. We can’t really justify keeping four cars for just two of us.”

The Porsche Centre Leicester delivered a car to Mike’s home for the surprise but he was only able to sit in it for a few minutes before it was returned.

He will now visit the showroom to select the exact model and specifications he would like for his new car. After that his first trip will be to see his son Graham in Helpston, who the couple expect to be green with envy at his dad’s new wheels.

Mary said: “We’ll have to think of lots of people to visit now.”