Monster pumpkin weighs 5st

Steve Hogan with his 5st pumpkin
Steve Hogan with his 5st pumpkin
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A gardener was given a fright this week when turned up at his vegetable patch to discover the weight of his massive pumpkin.

The huge fruit, which weighs 5st and measures 60in in circumference was grown by Steve Hogan at his mum’s partner’s allotment in Uffington Road, Stamford.

Steve, 45, who lives in Phillips Court, Stamford, said: “It’s a huge pumpkin. It took two of us to lift it and it nearly broke the scales when we tried to weigh it.

“I’ve been growing pumpkins now for five years and with all the wet weather this year hasn’t been particularly good for pumpkins.

“I was just so amazed by how big it is. It is the biggest one I’ve ever seen.”

Steve admitted he wasn’t sure what he is going to do with his prize crop.

He added: “It would definitely make a lot of pumpkin soup. It was a bit too big to go on the windowsill for halloween.”