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Alan Wood murder - police renew appeal for information to unsolved crime 10 years after he was killed at his Lincolnshire home in Lound near Bourne

A grieving mum has made a fresh appeal to find whoever is responsible for the brutal murder of her son.

Ten years have passed since Alan Wood was tortured and killed at his home in Lound near Bourne but his family still don't know who was responsible.

Police have continued to investigate the murder and Mr Wood's employer, Sainsbury's, has offered a £40,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

Alan Wood
Alan Wood

Senior Investigating Officer, Martin Holvey, who was a Detective Inspector in this investigation in 2009, said: “Forensic investigators did recover DNA from the scene which is believed to be from someone involved in this murder.

"Their DNA profile continues to be checked with databases throughout the world but currently we don’t have a match.

“As forensic technology has advanced considerably since this murder, we are now in the process of applying new forensic methods to the exhibits taken from Alan’s home.

"This will tell us whether anyone else was present at the time of Alan’s killing.”

Mr Wood was last seen on October 21, 2009.

His body was found three days later at his home in Edenham Road in Lound near Bourne.

The 50-year-old had been bound and tortured for the PIN to his bank cards.

His throat had then been slit and a deep wound to the back of his neck suggested the attacker had attempted decapitation.

Mr Wood's bank cards were later used at cash points in Bourne and Stamford to remove a small amount of cash from his account.

Police have maintained contact with his family as they continue to investigate.

Maureen Wood and Sylvia Allett
Maureen Wood and Sylvia Allett

His mother Maureen Wood said: “I have tried to get on with my life but the last 10 years have been really difficult, losing such a loved son and not knowing why it happened or who was responsible.

“There is not a day that goes by without me thinking of Alan and why someone would have done this to such an innocent man.

"I don’t want to go to my grave without knowing why it happened.

“I appreciate that people have heard this before, but if there is anyone out there who has any information that can help the police identify the murderer and in doing so provide me with some closure before I have to leave this world, then please, please get in touch with the police.”

Mr Wood's sister Sylvia Allet added: “I don’t think we will ever come to terms with what happened or why Alan was targeted in such a way.

"He was a genuine good guy and although he did not have a great deal of money or valuables, if someone was so desperate for help he would have given them what he had.

"There was no reason for him to have been treated as he was.”

Police officers have appealed for information across Europe and continue to do so today.

Officer Martin Holvey said: “We never close a murder investigation and this is one of our force’s most serious and disturbing unresolved crimes.

“This must be tormenting someone’s conscience and it’s quite possible that others have information that could bring this person to justice.

“It is possible that the person or people responsible were visiting our country and are no longer here. This is just one hypothesis although we will investigate any lines of inquiry.”

Anyone with information can contact Lincolnshire Police on 101 quoting the reference 111 of October 9, 2019 or Crimestoppers free and anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Information on the investigation is available at www.lincs.police.uk/news-campaigns/alan-wood-murder/

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