Mum’s life is transformed by weight loss

Sheryl Kearney before, and right, showing off her amazing weight loss
Sheryl Kearney before, and right, showing off her amazing weight loss
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A young mum has had her life “transformed” and gained a new career by losing four stone in weight.

It was during a two-year stint in Cyprus that Sheryl Kearney made the decision to tackle her weight.

Sheryl Kearney before her weight loss

Sheryl Kearney before her weight loss

The 23 year old joined a Slimming World group in Cyprus while her Army husband Corporal Sam Kearney was stationed there.

Sheryl started classes in October 2011, eight weeks after the birth of their first son Jack, now three.

By May 2012 she had dropped from 14st 1lb to 8st 12lbs.

She said: “Like a lot of slimmers, I had tried to lose weight so many times by following numerous diets, but I’d always get tired of restricting what I ate – and I love my food.

“When I joined Slimming World it was different. I never felt like I was on a diet. One of the best things for me was that it was family friendly.”

Losing weight has transformed her life in many ways, said Sheryl: “I am happier, fitter and more confident and now have a successful career too.”

In July 2012, when the family moved to Kendrew Barracks in Cottesmore, Sheryl continued attending a slimming group and found out about a job as a consultant. Four months later she launched her own group in Oakham.

The mum of two - Jack and Isaac, one - found the hours suited her and she could work around the children.

“Helping people lose weight and feel great gave me huge job satisfaction,” she said.

Sheryl has now been appointed Team Developer Rutland and Grantham and is celebrating two of her Oakham team winning Woman of the Year awards.

Sharon Monahan and Kate Dick who lost almost 7 stone between won the regional title for 2014.

Sharon dropped from 16 stone to 12 stone after joining 22 months ago, and Kate lost just over three stone.

“I tried lots of different diets but they usually left me feeling hungry and miserable: Slimming World is completely different,” Kate said.

Around one in four women in the UK and Ireland are severely overweight and at risk of suffering a range of health problems including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Sheryl said: “Sharon and Kate not only look fabulous, they have improved her health and are bursting with energy. They are a huge inspiration to everyone in our group.”

To find out more about Oakham Slimming club call Sheryl on 01572 813875 or e-mail