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Stamford residents call for speeding to be stopped in Conduit Road

Residents have spoken out about the dangerous way that many people drive along their street.

Conduit Road in Stamford is usually reduced to one-lane between East Street and the entrance to the Stamford Endowed School sports centre because of parked vehicles.

With nowhere for two vehicles to pass along this stretch, drivers have to wait for oncoming traffic to clear before covering about 200 metres of road.

Conduit Road, Stamford (8149203)
Conduit Road, Stamford (8149203)

Residents have noticed that people tend to drive ‘too quickly’, to avoid holding up others, and to reduce the risk of meeting an oncoming car.

Speaking at Stamford’s annual meeting in the town hall on March 18, Conduit Road resident Rosemary Keswick said: “I am a relative newcomer. I don’t have any history of Conduit Road apart from the fact that in the first six months of being there I have had two family members’ cars crashed into and I have heard of animals being killed and people having their car doors banged into.

“If you observe why people speed, it’s because it’s single file. When they see a clear run they put their foot down. What are the solutions?”

Simon Ingram, who lives in Conduit Road and has two young children, said: “I was the person who was hit by a car. I had my door open and was putting my child into the car seat when it was hit. I could have lost my life or my daughter could have been killed.

“We are talking about people’s lives. We hear people speeding up and down every single night. I have tried to catch them on video and I have been threatened by a man for filming his car on my mobile phone. I’m paying my council tax and we need something done.”

Councillor David Brailsford (Con), Lincolnshire county councillor for Stamford West ward said he had been due to meet the town’s Inspector Ian Martin this week to discuss the issue, but that the police had to focus limited resources on drugs and burglaries.

He said: “We can get 20mph limits but who is going to enforce them?

“A speed camera van has to be parked off the highway and not causing an obstruction, but there is nowhere on this stretch of Conduit Road to do this. How we are going to prosecute is very difficult.”

Councillor Robert Foulkes (Con), county councillor for Stamford East ward added that he had delivered a survey to Conduit Road residents, but this consultation was scuppered when white posts were put in to prevent parking on the road’s grass verges.

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