Mystery Italian bride found after appeal

Jodie Wilson at her wedding in Cortana, Italy, with her father John
Jodie Wilson at her wedding in Cortana, Italy, with her father John
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A bride who was rushed to her wedding in Italy by a mystery couple has been reunited with the woman who saved her big day.

Frances Dale, of Leeds, contacted the Mercury and we ran an appeal in last week’s paper, trying to track down the bride.

Frances and her husband gave the bride and her father a lift to the ceremony in Cortona in Tuscany but only caught that the happy couple were from the Stamford area.

The bride, who turned out to be Jodie Wilson, contacted the Mercury after her colleagues from Cummins Generator Technologies in Stamford spotted the article.

And it was just in the nick of time as Jodie and her new husband John relocated from their home in East0n-on-the-Hill to America on Wednesday.

Jodie said she couldn’t be more grateful to Frances and her husband for saving the day.

She told the Mercury that the vintage Fiat 500 broke down but as they hit rural roads, the car stuttered to a halt and she didn’t have a phone with her.

Jodie began to “get a bit panicky” and it was then that Frances and her husband, as well as another English family arrived. The group helped to push the broken down car into a ditch before Jodie and her father were rushed to the ceremony - just 15 minutes late.

Jodie said: “It was all a bit flustered when we arrived at the ceremony and I didn’t have anything with me to get a number but I couldn’t be more grateful to them for helping me.

“I was fashionably late and John had been making jokes and planning his escape route. I was whispering to him during the ceremony ‘the car broke down!’

“Apart from that though it was such a fantastic day. The weather was lovely and everything else went absolutely perfectly.”