New £50,000 pavilion opens at Ketton Cricket Club

The opening of Ketton Cricket Pavillion EMN-160306-121532001
The opening of Ketton Cricket Pavillion EMN-160306-121532001
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A new pavilion costing £50,000 has opened at Ketton Cricket Club.

The official opening of the pavilion took place on Sunday, May 29, and proved another milestone in the history of the club.

A crowd gathered to watch the official opening ceremony, including representatives from all sections of the thriving club, as well as former players.

The main driving force behind the project was one of Ketton cricket’s long styanding players and supporters Simon Smith, in tandem with Cristian Durrant.

Simon opened the proceedings with Christian beside him and dedicated the pavilion to his father Ray, who was a captain.

He also once played for Leicestershire County Cricket Club and his widow Phyllis Smith cut the ribbon.

As well as Simon, Ray passed on his love of cricket to his other sons Jonathan and Andrew.

Peter Shakeshaft, who has had a long standing commitment to the club in all aspects including maintenance, was invited to unveil the plaque with the name of the new facility - The Ray and Shake pavilion.

Ketton resident Kellie Charge baked a cake to celebrate the event, which incorpated the present club’s founding date of 1905 - although cricket in Ketton can be traced back to the early 19th century.