New College Stamford student lands job with Mercedes

John Gowler EMN-151111-173115001
John Gowler EMN-151111-173115001
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A former New College Stamford student is setting out on a new career with Mercedes after deciding that a future in the family business was not for him.

John Gowler, 22, took the bold step of branching out on his own after working for the family’s two businesses in turfing and dog kennels since leaving school. Realising neither were what he really wanted to do, he signed for a Vehicle Maintenance and Repair course at New College Stamford – and has just landed a trainee position at Mercedes in Yaxley, near Peterborough.

For John, it is the perfect outcome and one he hopes he can develop into a lifetime career with the prestigious German vehicle company.

“I didn’t do that great at school because it was always a given that I would just leave and work in the family business, so I never put the effort in,” said John, from Duddington.

“I tried my hand at a few different jobs, but nothing really interested me, so I signed up for the Vehicle Maintenance course at college and haven’t really looked back since.”

He completed Levels 1 and 2 without any difficulty and started to look for trainee jobs as he signed up for Level 3. He went through a three-month interview process with Mercedes before finally being accepted as a Trainee Technician in heavy vehicle maintenance and repair at the company’s Intercounty Truck & Vans in Yaxley.

Jason Booth, Manager of Intercounty Truck and Vans, said he was delighted to have John on board the team.