New leads in the hunt for Alan's killers

POLICE say they have received positive leads in the hunt for gardener Alan Wood's killers.

Officers made a national appeal for help on last night's Crimewatch programme and received about 30 calls.

Mr Wood was found dead in his home in Main Road, Lound, in October after being mutliated and had his throat cut.

The programme, which featured a reconstruction and an e-fit of one of the suspects, reported that viewers had phoned in with five names.

Police spokesman James Newall said: "We are very happy with the response, we did have a number of positive new leads that we will be folling up over the next couple of weeks."

Neighbourhood beat teams will be outside Sainsbury's supermarket in Bourne, where Mr Wood worked, today hoping to collect more information following last night's programme.

The team will also be setting up a stall in Stamford's High Street tomorrow.