New Year’s message from Nick Boles MP

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A New Year’s message for Mercury readers from Nick Boles, the Conservative MP for Stamford and Bourne...

2011 will be the year when some of the difficult decisions made by the coalition government begin to bite.

All of us will pay more through taxes. Some people will lose benefits and others will lose their jobs. Some of the services, on which we rely, will be cut back. Some of the institutions, that we cherish, will close.

As a local Member of Parliament, I expect to get a lot of grief from my constituents this year and there may come a time when I wish my height didn’t make me quite so conspicuous as I walk through town. But that’s the essence of our democracy.

You elect one individual to represent you and it is your right to hold that individual personally to account for everything that government does – and fails to do.

Even as the brickbats begin to fly, I promise to try to listen to you before telling you what I think, to admit it when I don’t know the answer to a question and to be frank with you, when I disagree with you about something, that is important to you.

I hope that, in turn, you will understand that the coalition is wrestling with a truly appalling legacy, that we are trying to spread the pain as fairly as possible but that the most important thing is to get a move on, so we can put this dreadful process behind us and starting focusing on building a better future for everyone in our country.