Norman unearths potato that looks like a baby

Norman DePear with his "ugly baby" potato
Norman DePear with his "ugly baby" potato
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A POTATO that looks like a very ugly baby was found by a farmer on his allotment.

Norman DePear, 78, of Tallington Road, Bainton, found the unusual Romano spud several weeks ago and is keeping it in his barn intending to cook it at some point in the future.

Norman DePear with his 'ugly baby' potato'Photo: SM141211-168js

Norman DePear with his 'ugly baby' potato'Photo: SM141211-168js

It weighs in at a whopping three-and-a-half pounds, measures 12 inches from head to toe and sports many uncanny human features, such as a mouth and an arm, indentations for eyes and a raised area resembling a nose.

It had been left in the ground last year and survived the harsh winter.

Mr DePear said: “I’m surprised it lasted through the frosts. There were three plants still in the ground last year so I just left them, but only one remained when I came to dig them up. It’s an ugly thing.”

The vegetable was grown completely organically. The only fertiliser used was manure from horses from the nearby village of Ashton.

“In the 70 years I’ve been growing potatoes, I’ve never come across one like it,” he says.

So how many people could this potato feed? Made into chips, it could comfortably feed six and a nice creamy mash could probably be shared by several more. Baked it would be a problem.

“I don’t know what to do with it,” MR DePear said. “Hopefully my daughter can cook it and we can all have dinner off it one day.”

l The story was brought to our attention by Mr DePear’s granddaughter, Kerryn Ramm, 17, a pupil at The Deepings School who is hoping to go on to study journalism next year.