Oakham Castle rated ‘excellent’ by Tripadvisor

Photo: SM240712-019ow'Oakham Castle. ENGEMN00120120724163501
Photo: SM240712-019ow'Oakham Castle. ENGEMN00120120724163501
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Oakham Castle has been rated ‘excellent’ by Tripadvisor.

The 12th Century manor received numerous positive reviews in the travel-rating website, confirming its status as one of Rutland’s most popular tourist attractions.

‘This is really a gem, a lovely building set in a small park’, ‘Don’t expect turrets and ramparts but this is a very special place,’ were among the comments on the website that scored the attraction four out of five.

Only the Great Hall with a nave and two arcaded aisles, each with three large stone columns, remain of the original medieval manor. On its walls hang a collection of commemorative horseshoes, donated by Peers of the Realm. Oakham Castle is closed on a Tuesday and Sunday, but open every other day between 10am and 4pm.