Obit: Jane Woodhouse

Jane Woodhouse
Jane Woodhouse
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The funeral service for Jane Woodhouse, of Casterton Road, Stamford, took place at Barn Hill Church, Stamford. A private committal followed at Marholm Crematorium, the Rev Helen Fyall officiated and John Chambers was organist.

Donations were shared between Cancer Research UK and Barn Hill Methodist Church. Tributes written by Andrew and Jack and Esme Woodhouse were given by Nicola Dela-Croix and a tribute from friends was given by Sara Watterson. A reading titled The Cord, was given by Judith Wade and Footprints by Mary Stevenson was read by Justin Taylor.

Jane died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 41.

Daughter of Ann Gray and the late Jamie Hodson she was educated at Pinchbeck Primary School, Gleed Girls School, Spalding and Peterborough Regional College.

A nursery nurse, Jane later became a foster carer and mother. She enjoyed swimming.

Her family were her life - she leaves her widower Andrew, son Jack and daughter Esme.

Family mourners included: Andrew Woodhouse (widower), Jack and Esme Woodhouse, Ann Gray (mother), Andrew and Judith Hodson (brother), Sandra and Don Woodhouse, Kiyan Ebbage, Ray and Jenny Tucker, Sarah and Kevin, Chloe and Harry Bennetto, Aunt Linda, Lisa and Charles, David Tucker and family, Kath Heyden-Dale, Jesse and Ada Heyden, Sarah and Ed, Blair and Diane Heyden.

Sympathisers included: Tina Healey (representing Garry Healey), Denise and Jim Speakman, Alan Cliffe, Rev Andy Fyall and Helen (Hannah and Matthew Fyall), David Hill (Jane), William and Kate Barker, Pat Banks, Gwen and Peter Munford, Bill Mawdsley (Ruth and family), Nicola Dela-Croix (Peter Baker), Diane and Neil Barlow (Tina Macey, Binder family), Fred, Julie and Louise (Andrew), Justin Taylor, Harriet Barlow (Edward Barlow), Gary and Catherine Barlow (Irene Bailey, Mr and Mrs R Barlow), Lisa Sharp (Paul, Lindsay, Maddie and Ellen Sharp), Nigel and Jean Taylor, Mel and Sharon Weston (D J Weston, Nathan Weston), Cliff Hillyer (Mary), Shirley Anderson (John Anderson), Ian Frith (Sara, Simon, Jessica), John, Katy and Jess Harrison, Janet (Barnhill and Girls Brigade), Suzanne and Gareth Briars (Nick and Matthew Briars), John and Carol Vergette (Charles and Melissa Whaholf , Marcus and Annie Thurlby), Emma and Chris Cooper (Elizabeth Lamm, Francesca and Callum Cooper), William and Clare Mair (Stephen and Julie Copley), Ian, Julia and Philip Husbands (Matthew, David and Stephen, 1st Stamford GB and JCBs), Ruth Reho (Mario Reho, Michael and Lucy, Girls Brigade and Boys Club), Lynn and Andy Chapman, Tim Sleight (T R Carltons), Sue Ball (Graham and Hannah Ball, Sue Richey), Shirley Sheehan (Tony Sheehan), Shirley and James Sandall (family), Mandy and Dean Wright, Janet and Neville Harris, Mark Fordham (Mrs E Fordham, John and Sue Fordham), Liz and Will Goddard, Sally Cleves, Lisa Dwyer (Simon, Caitlin and Lily Dwyer), Katie Blades, Peter Kinsey, Kohle De Havilland (Emma Blades, family, Ginny, Keith and Robert Kinsey, Adam De Havilland), Martin Owens (Hilary Owens, Elsie Capps), John Copeland (family, TRBL), Viv Bradford (Jenny Wright, Sally Ward), Peppers and Benison (Annie, Cecily, Shelly), Wendy Graham, Rachel Burrows and Debbie Nolan (ABC Day Nursery), Caroline Lane (Willoughby School), Peter Hart (Congregation of Chris Church), Julie Addison, Charlie Parker, Ann Rouse (Tracy Leddington), Alex Batkin (family), Alice Johnson (family), Carl Wright (Jenny Wright and family), Hugo Max Ayton (HarryAyton), Kevin and Katherine Ayton, Harry and Hugo (Anita Ayton, Keith and Joan Ayton), Susan Young (Linda Duffin), Karen Woodcock, David Woodcock, Jenna-Louise Harrison (Ian Harrison), Ann Cameron, Lois Webb (Cyril, Stuart, Marie Webb, Ibis Channell), Joan Lounds (Neil Lounds), Mr and Mrs P Wise (Mr and Mrs D Wise and family), Rev Jane Galderin, Bridget Carr (Michael Carr, Mr and Mrs Tony Sheehan), William Stimson, Bethanie Watterson, Sally-Ann Marchant, Nina Rawlins (Barn Hill), Alsie Watterson, Tom Watterson, Sara Watterson, Tim Watterson, Amy Watterson, Rose Woodock and family, Jo Marshall, Pamela Woodcock (Claire and Charlotte Woolsey), Anita Hassall (family), John and Bella Buttress (Vincent and Craig Buttress), Jon Errington, Jan Errington, Margaret Grebby, Philip Husbands (family), Rev Bob Mackrill (Bev Mackrill), Judith and Maurice Wade, Iris Harris (Mark, Simon, Cathy and Leona Harris), Jo Saunders (Sue Cliffe), Peter and Maureen Prime (staff and friends Prime Limousine Services), Josephine Bray (Peter Bray and family), Elizabeth Sneath (family), Sarah Burberry and Catherine Gardiner (Great Casterton Primary School), Pauline Jones (Godfrey and Gareth Jones, Stamford Scouts, Barn Hill Methodist), Rosemary Hinch (Arthur Hinch), Richard Hinch (Achurch family), Brian and Joanne Cole, Zoe Hull (Tony Hull), Angela Carter-Begbie, Alison Yeates, Steve Suffling (Krystal, Callum and Elle Suffling), Martin and Anne Virgin and family, Jane Dickens and family, Nicky Pearce (Sue Pearce, Paul, Jonathan and Sebastian Mills), Joy Battley, Roke family, Tania Carter (Trudy and Michael), Danny Carter, Olivia Lyon, Jake Lyon, Ruth Jones, Karen Bland, Irene Haggerty, Dee Benson (Les Benson), Clare Rowbotham, Jo Gardiner, Selby family, Caroline and Noah Buttress (Simon, Jessica, Isla and Bonnie Buttress), Peter Dawson (Mel, Andrew and Kirsty Dawson), Melanie Wade (Wendy Duffin), Elijah Wade, Claire Rhodes and James Todd (Louise, Betiny and Chelsea), Allan Todd (Susan Todd), Maureen Peau, foster carer, Barbara Kvayoz, Anna Hackett (Nigel Hackett), Rob Sharon and James McGeorge, Ray Beresford, Jaynie Smith and Claire Wood (Gary Smith, Craig Wood), Carole Randall (Alan Randall), Elizabeth King (John King), Denise Kinsella, Kieran Kinsella, Tim Holt (Valerie Holts, Eloise Dickerson, Casterton Bell Ringers), Theresa Thorpe and family, Debbie Lee (Becky, Daniel, Matthew, Jodie, Megan), Katie Turner (Duncan, Rebecca, William and James), Jessica and Samantha Turner, Rev Julia Dowding, Karen Waites (Catherine), Susan Newton (Reviewing officers), Sarah Louise Hall (Grace), Gill Benedik (Krista, Hazel and Harry Lacey), Tracey Laing (adoption team, LCC), Jan Hetherington (George Hetherington, Margaret Hewerdine), Alison Whitehead (Mick Whitehead, Max, Jodie), Amanda Clarke (Greensleaves Florist), Ian Smith (Smiths, John Lucas FD), Sharon Goldsmith, Late Simmons (Paul, Joseph, Harry), Ronan Kinsella, Gemma Graham, Angela Graham, Vicki Heyden (Joshua Dominguez, David Wagstaff), Mandy Harrison, Malcolm George, Jake Hewitt, Wan Hewitt, Liz Lenten, Sharon Douglas, Tracy Eldred (Paul Eldred, Richard and Robert), Janet Eldred, Lisa Godfrey, Mim Slater, Carole and Sam Hales (Gary and Denise), Ann and Bob Rawden, Tracy, Tim and Devon Neal (Kristian), Carole Richardson (Nigel and Jason Richardson), Eddie Dorman (Jean Dorman, Dorman Funeral Directors, all at Quoin Print), Lucy Budden (Neil, Joseph and Oliver Budden), Jane Helsthorpe (Mervyn Helsthorpe), Rose Busby (Jason and Marian Busby, John and Charlotte Busby), Margaret Busby (Keith Busby), Andy and Sue Lamb (Steve and Paul), John Chambers (Dorothy Chambers), Louise Blackburn-Stout (Shining Stars), Eileen and Brian Hedley, Lynn Buckberry, Debbie Rippin (Junio Rippin, Jack Dye), Sue Done and Danielle Willingham (Lincs County Council), Sara Warren, Sara Thorpe (Pearl Carter, Grantham Support Group), Tricia Kenny (Lincs Fostering Services), Sharon Lloyd, Mandy and Stephen Barker (Cicely, Michael and Wendy Barker, Emily, Rose and Becky Barker), Bill and Diane Sharpe (Philip and Rayonne Sharpe, Robert and Helen Sharpe), George Broughton (family), Sally Jordan, Mel Sharpe (Eddie Stringer, Baron and Pat Sharpe), Jayne Craig (John and Marilyn Ratcliffe), Jackie Earlam (Rik, Mollie, Martha, Alfie), Petra Garner (Mark, Jak, Luke, Kerri), Tracy Whiteside (Scott Whiteside, Pauline James, Josh and Jade Soer), Caroline Peach (Christopher Peach), Coralie Couling, Teresa Foden (Miles Foden), Richard and Carol Haress, June Brean (Sheila Wolfenden), Colin Bowler.