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Barbara Sewell
Barbara Sewell
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Barbara Sewell died at Peterborough City Hospital aged 63. She put up a brave fight against cancer after being diagnosed seven years ago.

Barbara was the daughter of the late Eddie Bull and Grace Dawson of Stamford. She leaves husband William Sewell, sons Jonathan and James, daughter-in-laws Joanne and Sarah and grandchildren Jacob, Zak and Ellie.

Born and raised in Stamford, living in Lancaster Road and Rutland Road, she attended Fane School infants, Stamford All Saints girls and Fane School, Stamford.

Barbara started her employment at Woolworth in Stamford as a counter assistant. She then took a job as a children’s nanny in Wing, Rutland, where she first met her husband Bill. She later held jobs at Sally Morlands, Boots the Chemist, Stamford Hospital and Newage, all in Stamford. She finished her working life and found her vocation working as a childcare assistant at Keepers Cottage Day Nursery in Ketton.

Barbara enjoyed spending lots of time with her three grandchildren and her close family for meals, days out and holidays. She also liked to socialise with friends that she had made in her association with both Blackstones Football Club and Burghley Park Golf Club. Barbara’s other interests included reading, gardening, watching cricket and visits to London to see various musicals; with Les Miserables being a particular favourite.

Interment took place at Ketton Green Burial for family and close friends, followed by a thanksgiving service at St George’s Church, Stamford. The Rev Peter Hart officiated and Anna Rice-Milton gave the eulogy. Donations have been given in Barbara’s memory to Cancer Research UK.

Family mourners included: William Sewell, Jonathan and Joanne Sewell (representing Jacob and Zak Sewell, Neil and Mary Gregory), James and Sarah Sewell (Ellie), Jackie Atkins, Claire Atkins (Kelly and Holly Atkins, Mark and Jack Styles), Terry and Anna Rice-Milton (Julian), Pauline Aftini, Tracey and Darren Sample (Emily), Trevor and Rose Bull, Adrian and Katrina Bull, Joshua Bull, Annalise Bull (son), Sylvia and Roger Mackay, Katie Mackay Roberts (Chris, Isabelle and Owen) Robert Mackay (Lisa and Hollie), Des and Jo Parr (Liz and John King).

Sympathisers included: Terry and Viv Moss, Kevin and Pam Boor (Rebecca and Carl, Katie and Dan), Sue Halsall (family), Len and Joan Burt (Kate, Amelia and Joe Burt, Margaret and Sarah Plowes), Steven and Lisa Gregory (Caitlin and Zoe), Emma and Colin Jarvis (Luke and Max), Charles and Carol MacBeath (Nicholas and Emma), Vera Spriggs (Tim and Bev), Jane Wigginton (Ray and Carla Wigginton, Jilly Hicks), Richards Wigginton (Tracey, Ellie and Michael), Darren Laughton (Julie and Thomas and Peter Sharman), Roy and Angela Hathaway (Ian, Jon and families), Amy Parker, Stuart and Eleri Busby, Mollie and Brian Plowright, David and Diane Piff, Rod and Christine Wright, Michael and Sheila Chapman, John and Sheila Mayman, Gill Parkinson, Robert Dennis, Paul Woods, Bob and Julie Emmins, Bill O’Driscoll, Barry and Diane Mills, Denis and Gillian Hill (David and Helen Tilley, Una Lemon, Doug Jackson), Linda and Peter Kelleher, Paul Wilkinson and Kay Hircock, Carol Peill (Andy Peill), Petra Garner (Mark, Jak, Luke and Kerri Garner, Jackie and Rick Earlam), Denise Bolster (Lauren Bolster), Chris and Jackie Cramp (Len and Valerie Warrington), Sue and Bernard Bohea (Simon Bohea, Michelle Pearson, Jordan and Leon Wass), Barry Daff (Angela Daff), Derek and Anne Hall, Janice Neilson (Bruce Neilson), Alan Peck (Mrs V Peck and family, Mr and Mrs B Peck), Bob and Jenny Woods (John Kenney, Ian and Sally Woods), Tony and Lesley Laughton, Ruth and Ray Grimsey, Ian and Elaine MacGillivary (family, Blackstones Football Club), Bob MacBeath (Judy, Emma, Claire MacBeath), Janet Ingle, Martyn Couzens (Carol, Emma, Matthew), Judith and Stuart MacBeath (Jason, Justin and families), Barbara Walker (Gerry Walker, Phil Mitchell and David Hudson), Andrew Bullimore (Julia and Lauren Bullimore, Tolethorpe Park Cricket Club), Mrs M Atkin (T Atkin), Philip Atkin (Kathleen Atkin and family), Jim and Jane Atkinson (Jason and Charlotte, Nan Cope, Oz Cope and family), Deirdre Want (family), Janet Broadhurst (Eddie and Katie, Pete and Jo Hyde), Pam Plant, Maggie Fenby-Taylor (Joy and Dianne Reeds), Jean Garfield (John Garfield), May Hodgett and Tony Windsor (Joyce and Gerald Gray), Phil Jesson (Janice and family), David Palmer (Katherine (Pet) Palmer), Shirley and Brian Naylor (Pat Vickers), Jo Ketteringham (Simon, Tom and Isobel, Keepers Cottage Day Nursery), Karen Tyler (Carol Bird), Michael and Hazel Wallace, Ray and Pauline Birch (Monica and Robert Lynas), Christine Sharman (Adrian Sharman and Michael Jackson), Pat and Clive Crisp (Justin, Andrew, Jamie Crisp and Dave Ball), Bob Sharp, Phil and Jill Bee (Eileen and Danny Martin), Janet Eldred, Geraldine Lunn, Sue and Peter Bagshaw (family), Margaret Leighton, Christine Arrowsmith (Eddie Arrowsmith), Joy Knight (Tim Knight and Sarah Amison), Dorothy Dolby (Mr and Mrs T Baker), Ken and Nina Rawlins, Carole Gowing (Andy Gowing), Lindsey Glover (Nick Glover, Gerard and Shirley Burke), Tony and Mary Ahearne, Jenny Tyers (Doris Dolby), Anne Wallace (Fred Wallace), Grace McHugh, Gail and David Minchell, Steve and Shona Rickard, Sheila Townsend (Harold, Lisa, Chris and Rachel), John and Bella Buttress (Vincent, Craig and Simon), Don Lambert (family), Mr and Mrs Jess Heyden (Beaver family), Dick Morley (Jon and Becky Morley, Sam and Rita Downs), Jackie Morley (Joe and Sam Morley), Mr B Haynes (family), Mike Rawlins (family), Margaret Lowe (Stuart and Sadie Foster), Brian and Sarah Middleton (Darren Middleton, Gladys Foster), Vicky Middleton (Mr and Mrs Curtis and family), Mrs Viv Graham, Adj and Anne Dawson (Bob and Sue Ketley, Katie Dawson), Lynn Dolby (Ken Dolby, Claire and Simon, Faye and Lloyd), Gary Dawson (Nicola Dawson and family), Christine Sharpe, Jim Laughton (Helen Harris), Sue Howard (Colin Howard, Tracy and Steve Weemes), Hazel Morris (Phil Morris), Sheila Sismore (Tony Sismore), Mr and Mrs Jack Bone, Pam Baker (Phil Baker), Linda Bowskill, Mrs Chris Wallace, Mick and Linda Hyam (Dot Salworg), Mrs Pat Blowers (Ivan and family), Di Cooper (Angi Pacey), Linda Leprevost (Amanda Murphy), Steve Ford (Lindsay Ford), Tony Ford (Paula Ford), Dorothy Wisdom (Doreen Wisdom, Pat Coulson and Barbara Walker), Chris and Jean Wallace (Joe and Janet Duncan, Simon and Joan Smith), Louise Downs (Paul, Alfie and Evie), Caroline Beasley (Wayne and Sophie), Marie Dumford (Clive Dumford), Robina Kelham, Diane Jones (Ken Jones), Paul Wass, Anna Brown, Mark Atkinson, Chris Ford (family), Keith Johnson (family), Mark and Rachel Bush.