Obituaries: Bryan Clay

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The funeral service for Bryan Clay, 79, of Bourne, took place at Marholm Crematorium, Colin Pratt officiating.

Born in Sleaford at the home of his eldest sister, he was the youngest and last surviving of 10 children.

In sad circumstances, Bryan left his family home, aged 7, to be raised in children’s homes and later went to live in Walcot under the care of Mr and Mrs Parker along with three other foster brothers, Lawance, Albert and Derrick.

At the age of 18 he joined the Army and was posted to Cornwall and later Egypt, during the Suez crisis.

On leaving the Army he was reunited with his birth family and also wed his sweetheart, Sylvia, who he had met at the age of 16 when she was 14.

A hard-working and loving family man, Bryan began working on farms before becoming a builder.

During their 57-year marriage, Bryan and Sylvia went on to have three children, Steven, Cheyral and Michael, who provided them with grandchildren and great grandchildren, to their delight.

He continued building and helping people with their jobs past his retirement, only stopping due to ill health in 2012.

He was a well-known and well-loved man, mainly due to the help he has always given others, fetching neighbours shopping and newspapers and always stopping for a chat.

When relaxing, Bryan enjoyed walking and sea fishing, cards, Scrabble and crosswords along with catching up with his family and friends.

Family mourners included: Sylvia Clay (widow), Steven and Christine Clay, Cheyral Bains, Michael and Kay Clay, Christopher Bains, Judita Pupienyte, Matthew Bains, Belinda Burrell, Steven Clay and Jen Gregory (representing Scott Clay and Carol Pearson), Paul and Annette Goodwin, Nicola and Mark Goodwin, Graham and Debbie Goodwin , May and Stuart Clay, Irene and Brian Spence, Margary and Lawance Spizer, Stuart and Christine Spizer.

Sympathisers included: Liam and Pauline Donovan, Michael , Claire and Charlie Donovan, Maureen Walters, Joyce King, Angela Hilliard (Mat Hilliard, Valerie Green), Judy Clay (Mr and Mrs Brewster), Tina Brewster (Jack and Jessie Hales), Caroline Martin (Alf Collins), John Hercock, Marian and Stanley Hewitt, Elaine Lane, Barry Stuart, Pat Johnson, Paul and Hannah Fawcett (Greg Fawcett, Violet Goodwin), Brenda Clarke (Peggy and family), Betty and Rod Manton, Alan and Marion Coffey (Joan and Malcolm Lipton), Val Senior, Marion Jackson, Lynn and George Wing (Eileen Warbouys).

Maureen Barthorpe (Mary Durham), Celia Pearson, Rachael Clark (Ian Kidd), Carol Wilkinson, Maureen Gasper, Ruth Hart (David Hart), Julie Marshall, Mr and Mrs I Crawford, Iris Medd, Sandra Upton, Annabel Marshall, Elaine Thompson (Abbey Court), Leigh-Anne Belcher (Ceinwin Tamplin), Joe Ward, David and Jane Asher, Ralph Eaton, Nathan Arnold (Bourne Baptist Church), Lorrae Speirs, Sandra Pratt, Alison Quinlan, David Grikis, Sharon, Carl and Sam Neve, Denise and Tony Baxter, Christine Aylife, Ann and Tony Wigley, Josie and Roger Macey.