Obituaries: Charlotte Berry

Obituaries EMN-140228-120644001
Obituaries EMN-140228-120644001
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Charlotte Berry, of St Paul’s Gardens, Bourne, died at Peterborough City Hospital, aged 78.

The funeral service took place at Grantham Crematorium, Maj Richard Durrant officiating.

Family mourners included: Graham and Yvonne Berry, Kathleen Berry, Michael Berry, Sandra, Peter, Charlotte and Tom Wilson (representing Uncle Bill), Susan and Jim Hallam, Louise and Brian Easson, Mr and Mrs John Rawding and family, Barbara and John Simmonds, Josephine and Colin Sandall and family, Mr and Mrs Trevor Wilson, Mr and Mrs Paul Berry, Tracey and Peter and family.

Sympathisers included: Betty Barnes, Cis Woolley, Iris Clark, John and Ivy Todd (Shirley Michelson), Tanya and Carl Sandall (family), John Dobney, Mr and Mrs Bill Robinson (Peggy Brooks, Carol Duthie), Mark Berry (Angela, Michael, David), Nabs, John and Gill Hancock, Dave Drummond, Donna Drummond-Berry, Rosemary, Karen Harvey, Ian and Amanda Bartram, Gwen and Graham Parker (Christine and Geoff Pick), Elsie Harris, Carol Turner, Sally Cooper, Keith and Margaret Russell (Tony and Pat Russell), Marion Jackson (Sue, Pete and family), Geoff and Mavis Wakefield, Shirley and Charlie Wilson, Tricia Webster and Sue Jenkinson (Digby Court Day Centre), Jean Chapman, Daphne Ticehurst, Tony Payne (Kier/Translinc), Janice Lawton (Agnes Grummitt, manager Digby Court), Faith Taylor (Daphne and Connie Glover), Pat Kendall, Elsie Gibbons (John Baker), Janet and Pop Baxter (Mr and Mrs Tom Woods), Josie Rodgers, Dorothy Wade, John Wass (Linda Wass, Maria Fryer), Anne Hedger, Peter Smith, Sheila Bailey, Eileen Bampton, Norah Zachowicz, Aleksander Zachowicz, Janet Hoyes, Chris West, Mark Holt (G Berry), Russell Young; Charles Green, Ann Crump, Maj Heather Durrant and Margaret Smith (Salvation Army), Bruce Tilley, David Sharpe (family).