Obituaries: Kathleen Clark

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Kathleen Clark died at her home in Manor Lane, Bourne, aged 87.

The funeral service took place at Marholm Crematorium, Father Chris Atkinson officiating.

Family mourners included: Roy and Glynis Clark, son and daughter-in-law, Emma and Lino Aque, granddaughter, Joseph Aque, great grandson.

Sympathisers included: Graham and Kim Shipley, Alma Kelly (representing Stuart Kelly and family), Linda Aque (family), Linda and Steve Elger (Karen and Kevin Elger), Chris Neal, Gill and Lewis West, Mary and Hannah (family), Julia Lister (Eric 
and Maxine Jessop, Diana and Robert), Peter and Diane Neal, Trish Neal (Geoff and Ally Neal), Lois Taggart (Johnson family), Trudy Simpson (Paul, Lauren, James), Gary and Teresa Shipley, Malcolm Shipley, Jayne Turner, Gwen Neal, Mavis Cooke (family), Mary Darnes (Alan Darnes).